Roles & Permissions

Powerful role-based access management

Define as many roles as you need, without writing any code

Our AI assisted roles and permissions manager lets you modify access rules on the fly, without the need for making changes in your code.

Fine-grained RBAC

Control access to each entity on your database with role based access control. Scope the access to a tenant, an owner, or make it public, with just a few clicks.

import { useAuthorizationApi } from "@roq/ui-react"
function PerformancePage() {
  const { hasAccess } = useAuthorizationApi()
  return (
      { hasAccess("performance_review", "READ") && (
        <Button>View Review</Button>

Restrict sections of your frontend based on user roles

Use our authorization utility hooks and functions in your frontend code to control visibility of parts of your app.

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