Every login option that your users could need, with multi-tenancy baked in

Login Options

From secure password auth, to Social logins via OAuth2, OIDC we've got you covered for every common way to login to applications

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Customized, prebuilt Login and Signup forms

We host highly secure Login and Signup forms that are visually customizable, so that you can make them look and feel just like the rest of your app. They're ready out of the box, and you can plug them into your app in minutes.

Separate signup form for each role

Most apps need to collect different data for each role that signs up to your app, use ROQ's Signup form variants to do just that

Protect your frontend routes

With our client-side libraries, you can protect a page or a component with ease

import { requireNextAuth } from '@roq/nextjs';

function ProtectedPage() {
  return (
    //UI code here

export default compose(
    redirectTo: '/',

Bulletproof 2-factor authentication

Add an extra layer of security with 2-factor authentication, just by turning on a switch

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